Scaling Containers in Production

Duration: 2 days   |   Modality: Virtual / ILT   |   Platform:  Linux / Mac OS   |   Level: Intermediate



Docker, and containerization in general, is a hot topic for many organizations.  Containers have transformed how applications are architected, bundled, and deployed.  Beyond the basic concepts, there are several topics required to professionally deploy applications in containers, such as Docker security and orchestration. Once you are able to build a container and deploy it the next challenge is actually running your applications in a production environment. 


This course walks through the steps needed to ensure your application is always online and available for your customers. You will learn how to deploy and configure a highly available orchestration platform focusing on Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. These provide features like self-healing, autoscaling, service discovery and many more! 




The audience for this class are developers, DevOps, architects and any other IT personnel interested in learning about running and scaling containers in a production environment.

 You should have six months experience or equivalent working with Docker.  If you have attended the Docker Foundation course, you are also prepared for this training opportunity.



Attendees will leave with everything required to build, configure and run containers on a highly available orchestration platform. They will have all the skills needed to configure metric monitoring for autoscaling, health checks for self-healing and init-containers for orchestrating container startup plus many other skills.


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