“Success is where KNOWLEDGE and opportunity meet.”  

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Who we are

Innovation In Software is an IT technical training and consulting company based in Northern California.

However, we help technology companies and other organizations worldwide realize the potential of their software, architecture, and engineering solutions.

Whether consulting or training, our engineers leverage their real world experience for your benefit.

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Innovation in Software can prepare you for the emerging technology that is changing the future of product development.  From Blockchain to Docker, we have the experts that help create disruptive solutions.  Provide advanced level training for:  Go, Python, C++, C#, Java, and much more.  Our training could make the difference in your product development.



Containerization and virtualization has changed the landscape of IT architecting, engineering, and deployment. Innovation In Software can help you leverage a variety of new products:  Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Computing and more.  Training available from introduction to super duper advanced.





Innovation in Software has the engineers, developers, and devops practitioners that have real world experience.  Our training comes from their expertise helping organizations develop practical solutions; not just some theoretical mumbo jumbo.  Contact us today – the team that knows your problems and can help create the ideal solution. 



Agile transformation is an important endeavor for any IT organization.  Innovation In Software has certified practitioners. is the most prestigious certifying Scrum organization. We can help you with a lean agile transformation.  Innovation In Software can provide Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Developer, and other certified Scrum training.



Tomorrow’s MARKET leaders.

Get the knowledge today to create distinctive solutions and products that leverage the latest technology solutions in the most effective and innovative manner.   Not only beat your competitors to the market but provide unparallel solutions that excite your customers.

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Innovation In Software focuses on emerging technologies, including virtualization, containerization, cloud technologies, and blockchain.  

Innovation In Software also provides expert developer training for a variety of languages:  Go programming, Python, Microsoft C#, and Java. We have well-known industry experts that are thought leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

You want to build tomorrow’s solutions today.  Create products that excite your customers while remaining generations ahead of your competitors.  Work with Innovation In Software to envision and implement leading edge solutions.  



Docker and Kubernetes have changed deployment models everywhere.  Learn the merits of containerization and how to apply to your deployment and development efforts.  Innovation In Software can help you embrace this fundamental shift in technology.  There is no going back!

Innovation In Software also provides Micro-services training: from architecture/design to the building effective Micro-services applications in Java and other languages. 



The popularity of virtualization has changed the landscape of computing.  Virtualization is ubiquitous and now touches everyone – even non-techies.  Innovation In Software provides training at all levels for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Computing.  Whether your interest is devops or development, Innovation In Software have solutions for you.  Our solutions come from decades of experience deploying VMs and creating products for VMs.


Innovation In Software provides Blockchain training in a variety of  languages, including Go language,  Python, Java, and C#. No one else can do this!  We can deliver training on the nuts and bolts of low level Blockchain programming.  But also offer a variety of classes on Ethereum and development of the programmable web. 

Are you an executive or product manager wanting to know how to leverage Blockchain?  Innovation In Software can also help.  Blockchain for Management is one of our most popular courses.